Empirical Analysis Of Cascade Deformable Models For Multi-View Face Detection (IMAVIS 2015)


This is the multi-view face detector based on Cascade Deformable Part Models (CDPM) which can detect face in the wild under occlusions and head poses spanning in +/- 90 degrees in yaw rotation, +/-30 degrees in roll and pitch rotations. This face detector has been benchmarked on the FDDB, AFLW, COFW and HPID databases. The released code has been compiled for MATLAB, both Windows and Linux 64 bits.

Code released as is **for research purposes only**

More information can be found in:

Empirical Analysis of Cascade Deformable Models for Multi-View Face Detection, J. OrozcoB. MartinezM. PanticImage and Vision Computing. 42: pp. 47 - 61, October 2015.