Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM)

The code used to automatically construct the Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM) is now available on Github:

This repository also contains further technical details on the exact range of LSFM models offered.

The LSFM models were built using the MEIN3D dataset in collaboration with the Craniofacial Department at Great Ormond Street HospitalThe model will be made available for medical research purposes in January 2017. This page will be updated in the next few days with the licence agreement that needs to be filled in and returned via email in order to be granted access to the model.

We thank researchers for their patience up to date, and are pleased to very shortly begin accepting applications for access to the models.

A preliminary draft of the licence agreement can be viewed here. The final agreement will be made available through a microsite that we will be launching shortly.

For more information please see the 'Large Scale 3D Facial Morphable Models' project here, or contact James Booth.