Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM)


The Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM) is a 3D statstical model of facial shape built from nearly 10,000 individuals.


Acquiring the LSFM model

We are now accepting applications for access to the Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM) for research purposes. Applications should be made through the following website:

Appoval is on a case-by-case basis, and applications should be made by an academic member of staff or manager.


Acquiring the LSFM code

The code used to automatically construct the Large Scale Facial Model (LSFM) is now available on Github, as part of the Menpo Project:

This repository also contains further technical details on the exact range of LSFM models offered.


Further information

Please see the 'Large Scale 3D Facial Morphable Models' project here, or contact James Booth.