In-The-Wild 3D Morphable Models: Code and Data

This webpage provides source code and data for our method of 3D reconstruction of "In-the-Wild" faces in images and videos, as outlined in the following papers:


If you use the code or data please cite the above papers.


Examples of Results

Example of our 3D face reconstruction from images:


Example of our 3D face reconstruction from videos:





Source code

Update 28 June 2018: There has been a major update in the code and the problems of the previous preliminary version have been addressed. The current version is fully functional.

3D Reconstruction of "In-the-Wild" faces

The source code of our method for 3D Reconstruction of "In-the-Wild" faces in images and videos can be found in the following github repository:


Evaluation Code

In the above repository, under the folder "evaluation", we also provide source code that will help you evaluate and compare 3D face reconstruction methods using the 3dMDLab & 4DMaja benchmarks:




3dMDLab benchmark


Download the data: [3dMDLab_real]  [3dMDLab_synthetic]