Facial Point detector (2005/2007)

The original Matlab implementation was written by Danijela Vukadinovic, which was further optimized by Michel Valstar. The detector includes Viola & Jones face detector and will work fine for any near-frontal-view face image.

More information about the point detector can be found in: 'D. Vukadinovic and M. Pantic, 'Fully automatic facial feature point detection using Gabor feature based boosted classifiers', in Proc. IEEE Int'l Conf. on Systems, Man and Cybernetics (SMC '05), pp. 1692-1698, 2005. We kindly request you to cite this work if you decide to use the point detector for research purposes. 

The code has been compiled on a Windows machine, hence this downloadable version of our detector will work only on a Windows machine. You will need Matlab Component Runtime installed at your computer for the program to run.

  • Description of the Detector (pdf file),
  • Compiled Matlab code of the Detector (ffpd.zip; follow the instructions in ReadMe),
  • Matlab Component Runtime (MCRInstaller.exe).