The SEWA Database


The SEWA Database has been collected within the EC H2020 SEWA projectIt contains recordings of 408 people watching various advertisements and discussing them via a video-chat software. The recorded subjects are from six different cultural backgrounds: British, German, Hungarian, Greek, Serbian, and Chinese, 50-50 male-female ratio, with at least 6 subjects per culture in each age group 20+, 30+, 40+, 50+, 60+. The dyadic interactions are always in the native language and between people who know each other well or very well (including 70+ couples married for over 20 years). All dyadic interactions are transcribed. 

The annotations include: facial landmark tracking, AUs (AU1, AU2, AU4, AU12, AU17), head gestures (nod and shake), hand gestures, mimicry, continous annotations of valance and arousal, and continuous annotations of liking. This is the largest and the richest DB of human conversational and emotional behaviour that has been released so far.

The dataset can be downloaded from the link below: