Gesture Detector (2010)


The Matlab implementation was written by Antonis Oikonomopoulos. The code has been compiled on a Windows machine, hence this downloadable version of our detector will work only on a Windows machine. You will need Matlab Component Runtime installed at your computer for the program to run.

Description : The detector is trained for the Canal9 dataset of political debates. Detection is performed in the temporal domain, that is, only the start/end frames of the detected gestures are returned. The gestures for which the detector is trained include: Hand Wag, Fore Finger Wag, Fore Finger Raise, Half Fore Finger Raise, Hand Cross, Hand Scissor and Arm Folding.

An extended version of the detector is described in Oikonomopoulos et al. (TIP’ 2011). 

An example sequence from the Canal9 dataset, along with the acquired detection result is shown above.