News for November 2010

FG 2011 Facial Expression Recognition and Analysis Challenge (FERA2011)

posted 28 Nov 2010, 19:20

The first facial expression recognition and analysis challenge (FERA2011) will be held in conjunction with the IEEE International conference on Face and Gesture Recognition 2011, Santa Barbara California.

See the challenge website for more information.

Special Session at FG 2011 on 3D facial behaviour analysis and understanding

posted 28 Nov 2010, 19:18

It is now widely accepted that for highly accurate and robust facial expression recognition, 3D information need to be employed. Meanwhile, advances in structured light scanning, stereo photogrammetry, and photometric stereo, have made high-end acquisition of 3D facial structure and motion a feasible task. This special session aims at bringing together the key researchers working on the new challenges that the use of 3D information introduces in the process of automatic facial behaviour analysis and understanding.

This special session is organized at the IEEE FG 2011 in Santa Barbara, March, 2011. See for more information including submission information.

1st Int'l Workshop on emotion synthesis, representation, and analysis in continuous space

posted 16 Nov 2010, 13:31

We are organizing the 1st International Workshop on Emotion Synthesis, rePresentation, and Analysis in Continuous spacE (EmoSPACE). See also

This workshop is organized In conjunction with the IEEE FG 2011 in Santa Barbara, 24./25. March, 2011