Jie Pu

Mr. Jie Pu


Research Assistant / PhD Student



Jie Pu received his MSc degree with Distinction in Computing (Computational Management Science) from Imperial College London, U.K. in 2016. After the completion of his master degree, he worked in the Department of Computing, Imperial College London, U.K. as a Research Assistant, in collaboration with Dr. Yannis Panagakis and Dr. Stavros Petridis.

Currently, he is a Research Assistant/ PhD Student at the iBUG group under the supervision of Prof. Maja Pantic. His research interests lie in the area of machine learning, mathematical optimization and its applications in computer vision, audio-visual analysis and human behaviour analysis.




Conference articles

Audio-Visual Object Localization and Separation using Low-Rank and Sparsity

J. Pu, Y. Panagakis, S. Petridis, M. Pantic. ICASSP (oral presentation). pp. 2901 - 2905, March 2017.

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